Russian attack on Ukraine, 24 February 2022

Help and support Ukrainian people

On one side, we receive many requests to help from Ukraine, on another side, people ask us: HOW CAN I HELP?

It’s possible via financial support, a donation of medical material, a donation of other means of help, or a temporary hosting of people.

How to support people in Ukraine? Here is the answer, short and clear:

1. Via donation or transfer

to the bank account: BE40 8803 5555 5163 Bic: BBRUBEBB Swift: INGBNL2AXXX  to ‘Oekraïne-Project-Edegem’ (Prins Boudewijnlaan, 268, B- 2650 Edegem).

Financial means let us react adequately on the most urgent needs, such as purchase of medical means (e.g. second hand ambulance vehicles), or certain important nutrition products (if they are no longer available in Ukraine, or maybe in Poland), or hygienic products in high demand.

2. Via donation of medical materials, hygienic materials, or shelf-stable food

There is a large demand in medical materials (devices, etc.), hygienic materials, and also shortage of shelf-stable food for little and big.

First of all, there is an urgent need in:.

  1. Dry food with long shelf life, such as conserves, oil, salt, sugar, pasta, chocolate, dry snacks, protein bars
  2. Pampers, milk powder for babies, baby food, baby wipes, butt ointment
  3. Hygienic materials: soap, shampoo, especially sanitary towels, pampers, laundry products, toothpaste, toothbrushes
  4. Medical material (wound care) : first of all, large sterile compresses,
  5. Plasters, bandages, stretch bandages, protective material and medicines (antibiotics, painkillers, cough syrup, especially for children…)
  6. Sleeping bags and warm blankets, thermal blankets and bed linen
  7. Power banks and batteries
  8. Plastic cutlery, carton cups, also for warm drinks

Currently we don’t collect clothes because of temporary overstock. It can change within a certain time, and we would welcome both warm and summer clothes for big and small.

3. Donation of other help items

For the donation of other help items for hospitals and seniors, for example, bedding, (new, or in good state and clean), clothes for patients and refugees.

4. Temporary hosting of people

If you want to host refugees at home, see website Fedasil (in Dutch) or #PlekVrij. You can also contact ASAP the local government by e-mail at

Goods to help can be brought to (Fort V), De Burletlaan, (next to Nr 175) in Edegem  Entrance: parking next to the park gate on Tuesday, 9 till 17 hours without break)

If you have more questions, please contact Liliane De Cooman – Bollaerts, tel. 03 288 73 65 (Leave a message on voice mail with your phone number, and I will call you back)